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Studio Alex - How to Get Started
The normal life of the kitchen is approximately 20 to 25 years. Before the purchase is therefore worthwhile not to think about their wishes and requirements. After all, the kitchen room where we spend a lot of time every day, so it's important to feel comfortable there.

spatial arrangement
This is a very important information as the space which is available kitchen.
Please bring on first visit in our cooking studio with an accurate floor plan including:

location of connections (electricity, water, gas, extraction hood, ...)
dimensions of the window and sill height
any additional storage space in the apartment
the location of the dining table
the dimensions of the room, including the ceiling height
For more information on you can find out in person at the cooking studio, but just for an idea of ​​what we will be interested.

Information about your household and personal data
To be able to create a design of your kitchen dreams, we need to know details such as .:

household size
living and eating habits
how often do you buy
function of your kitchen (the center of the household, only working kitchen, etc.)
In addition to this general information, play an important role following information:

The height of your character (due to the correct height of the desktop)
whether you are right or left handed (important for the proper arrangement of work zones)
items to be stored in the kitchen (as you have sets of plates, cutlery, size robot or a blender, ...)
that the price category you may be interested
After we create a 3D design kitchens and discuss the terms of subsequent consultations.

When the design is complete and you are perfectly happy with it, přeměříme Your real space and modify the proposal by the measured dimensions. We create dimensioned drawings and thus prepare and plan with electro-and water installations.

Implementation and payments
After signing the contract following the payment of advances that are taking place in this order:

deposit of 50% of the price of cuisine at the signature of the contract
Payment Appliances and Supplies 100% upon signing the contract
a supplement equal to 50% of the kitchen after cooking handover / cash or prior to transfer to the account /
Kitchen production takes in the studio ALEX by severity 3-5 weeks.

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