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Our company since 2005, focusing on producing quality and functional kitchen.

Thanks to our own custom production and nearly unlimited choice of materials we are able to satisfy customer requirements.

Every customer can check his kitchen in our workshops during the production.


When designing a kitchen we put emphasis on their functionality and high quality.

We make sure that every cabinet, every drawer and even had their own meaning. Knife, spices or plates are where you really need. To happened that after buying the kitchen you will find that you do not fit your favorite dishes from her grandmother, a pot of spaghetti or bakery for bread.


We are certified partner fittings manufacturer BLUM and Dynamic Space project.

This is why we provide for forging this brand warranty for the lifetime of the furniture, which is about 20 years.

Each customer has different needs, expectations and demands. Therefore, each kitchen is original, is designed for the requirements of the client, his age, height, ways of cooking and shopping.


Come and see the quality and functional kitchen can be produced at a reasonable price.

Our goal is your satisfaction.


Business owners Iva Jarošová and Karol Paál.